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Through our international community of filmmakers we create and manage tailored visual content across digital platforms for the gastronomy, lifestyle, luxury, tech and travel sectors.


In Ancient Greek, ὅρᾱμᾰ, ‘orama’ means ‘a sight or spectacle which impacts the beholder’. This drives our creative vision and video production philosophy. Our artisan approach has brought to life the stories of many of those at the pinnacle of their field, from Michelin-starred chefs to watchmakers to design hoteliers. We help them find new audiences by showcasing their craft.


Orama matches creative expertise with in-depth data and analytics to provide comprehensive video production and consultancy packages. From creative development to filming, post-production, distribution as well as channel management and audience growth.

Global reach

We film in over 20 countries across 4 continents. Our rapidly expanding portfolio features leaders in gastronomic cuisine - including more than 50 Michelin stars, and major players within the worlds of luxury and hospitality. The resulting videos have captured the imagination of millions online.

A few of the brands we loved filming

Lyle's: Looping Films

Das Stue boutique hotel

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Soho House Berlin: The Store

The Fat Duck

LVMH C.S.R. Film

Cartier: le Style et l'Histoire

Bocuse d'Or competition

A Panoramic Video Solution


Hire a local videographer or film crew, globally

Oramax global film crew


Creative video production company

Orama video production


Consulting and video marketing services

Orama+ video marketing servcies