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Our expertise

  • YouTube Channel Management
  • Video Optimisation and SEO
  • Content Management
  • Adwords
  • Social Advertising
  • Influencers

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Speaking and Events

Our founder, George Aliferis, is a regular speaker on social video and YouTube at industry events such as:

  • Social Media Week
  • City University
  • Brighton Digital Festival
  • London Social Video Meetup

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How do you transform your whitepaper or a thought leadership article on a technical fintech subject in a video that will get thousands of views and tons of engagement? This is what this tutorial will show you. If you are in b2b marketing, this video is for you. Particularly if you are a marketer in [...]

James Bond Inspired financial video content on YouTube to tell the Woodford story

On June 4 2019, Neil Woodford a star manager suspended his fund, halting all redemptions. This made sense to protect investors, but it was followed by a considerable outcry from investors, the press and even regulators. This represented a great opportunity to create a video that would be both timely and evergreen. The evergreen nature […]

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As the news broke that Kylie Jenner has launched a $900 million dollar business from her Instagram account, it seems like a tough time to be marketing a brand whose assets are mainly intellectual. Attention is scarce. Images seem the only way to capture it. 75% of internet traffic is video, and watching them takes […]