Video Marketing

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Getting your technology and innovation in front of the right people in the financial industry is hard.

What matters is your bottom line, your KPIs.

But you can’t just sell your products or services. You need content to attract, inform and convince the buyers that can benefit from it.

Your content must get the attention of the right people.

In the B2B fintech industry the conversation needs to be technical and targeted. Text is no longer enough – audio and video are now part of the mix every company should have.

And you tried to make it better.

You may have already launched a podcast, posted videos, or getting more staff into blogging, and yet still no meaningful results. Your expertise is not in media, audio or video marketing.

Here is how we can help:

Make you look good doing what you are great at.

We help your brand come to life with narrative and visual techniques that your audience will love, connect with, and share.

See an example of how music, imagery and narrative can come together for enterprise fintech.

content framework

Marketing that's as data-driven as your company.

A rigorous, data-supported backup for creative decisions.

Download the data-driven content marketing framework for B2B brands.

Leverage your thought leadership.

Use your existing articles, interviews and white papers to create engaging shows. Build them into series to grow your audience.

Watch how it is done.