How to transform your whitepaper into a b2b marketing video

How do you transform your whitepaper or a thought leadership article on a technical fintech subject in a video that will get thousands of views and tons of engagement? This is what this tutorial will show you.

If you are in b2b marketing, this video is for you. Particularly if you are a marketer in financial services or fintech serving enterprise clients. In your industry, the use of video marketing is restricted to more serious topics and requires a certain quality of production. You are also likely to use whitepapers and thought leadership articles, as part of your content marketing. Here is how to maximize their impact by using them to create engaging video content. We’ve noticed it works particularly well for Linkedin marketing.

Partners featured (Link to videos on YouTube and Linkedin)

👉Alpima (3,000+ views)

👉Solactive (5,000+ views)

👉@Olivier BOSSARD- HEC Paris (10,000+ views) 3 videos

A 6-step process for transforming your whitepaper into an engaging video

Here is the process: We generally start from a presentation or an article that we transform through 6 steps:

  1. Choose a format
  2. Τransform the reference document into a treatment
  3. Transform concepts into icons
  4. Convert Facts and Examples into images
  5. Show References
  6. Find Metaphors


The format is about deciding how it is going to work. There are mainly 4 to choose from for b2b marketing: narrative, list, commentary, explainer. They should cover most of your messages. I will put a link in the description for more information. It is crucial to have one or a mix. At this stage, you should also decide, if you want just text, a voice-over, or someone on screen.

More info on Format


I call it treatment because it’s not exactly a script. A script should have all the information. You need to adapt the content for video, you can’t just copy-paste. Think of what people want to see in a video, how should it start? What can be removed? You should almost always split the content into many pieces, and make episodes. This article was about the history of money from barter to blockchain. We split it into 3 videos. The origins, The genesis of blockchain and finally its applications.


This is from our video about the history of money. We needed abstract concepts such as “intermediary of exchange”, Icons are a good way to visualize them. Once they are defined you can bring them back to help make a point.


Then you identify all the elements that can be matched by visuals. That’s the advantage of video, you can really make your ideas come alive. It goes quick but you can see the match here. It is matching the idea, not the exact word. Style and consistency are very important. In this video, for Alpima, we switch from busy cities to mountain landscapes.


Finally, you may have to use metaphors, you could say here the landscape are a metaphor for the investor’s vision. Again your visual universe is important. Here is a clearer example from another video where we had to discuss risk and rewards.


Although most text should be replaced by images. Sometimes though you need to refer to important document or regulation, like the famous Satoshi document that founded the blockchain. It’s an opportunity to actually show it rather than just refer to it and we try to do it creatively. That’s the science of it. Then there’s the art of putting it all together, adding, music, fx, colour grading, sound design but this is a good base. I will put a link about the full methodology. What’s important to remember is that even if you have documents, whitepapers, presentations that are technical, for a niche you can transform them into videos and get loads of views and interactions.

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