Dollar Shave Club video: the Script

We love the Dollar Shave campaign so much here at Orama that we decided to re-write the script. You can also read the video analysis in the previous post. –Their Blades Are F***ing Great

[Mike is sat at office table. Close-up shot of head and shoulders. Suspicious amount of children toys are hung up all over the background wall. Camera slowly zooms out as Mike begins to speak.]

Mike: ‘Hi. I’m Mike – founder of What is Well, for a dollar a month we send high quality razors right to your door. [Mike stands up and begins moving around the desk towards the door.] Yeah. A dollar. Are the blades any good? No. [Stops in doorway and points at the poster to the right] Our blades are fucking great.

[New shot of wall in factory. Mike bursts through tissue paper wall holding razor example and cont. walking through factory floor]

Mike: ‘Each razor has stainless steel blades and Aloe Vera lubrication strip and a pivot head. [Passes a toddler sat with shaving a man’s head as he reads calmly.] It’s so gentle a toddler could use it.’

[Mike cont. walking along factory floor, towards camera as camera moves away.]

Mike: ‘And do you like spending 20 dollars a month on brand named razors – 19 go to Roger Federer – ‘[A tennis racket is thrown in from the side.]

Mike: ‘I’m good at tennis…’[Tennis ball is also thrown in. Mike misses the ball with racket.]

Mike[jumping on a pickup reversing to the right of the screen]: ‘And do you think your razor needs a vibrating handle, a flash light, a backscratcher and 10 blades? [Passes an old photo of grandfather on wall behind] Your handsome-ass grandfather had one blade and polio.

[Camera zooms and remains on portrait]

Mike: Looking goooood poppop!

[Back on factory floor, Mike moves towards table displaying a box of razors about to packaged.]

Mike: ‘Stop paying for shave tech you don’t need and stop forgetting to pay for your blades every month – Alejandro and I are gonna’ ship them right to ya’. [Worker Alejandro pulls tape across box, which Mike then cuts with ridiculously oversized sword, before throwing the package to a man dressed in a bear suit. Camera swings round to the bear-man who misses the box before putting his thumb up to address the camera in a friendly and cheerful manner.]

[Cuts to shot of Mike and Alejandro working together in a wheel barrow. Mike sits back, wrapping his legs around Alejandro as they move along.]

Mike: ‘We’re not just selling razors, we’re also making new jobs. [Addressing Alejandro] Alejandro, what were you doing last month?’

Alejandro[grinning]: ‘Not working’

Mike: ‘And what you doing now?’

Alejandro [still grinning]: ‘Working.’

Mike: ‘I’m no Vanderbulit but this train makes hay’ [Mike motions tooting a trains horn in time to sound] *beepbeep*

Mike [moving across factory tables this time]: ‘So stop forgetting to buy your blades every month and start deciding where you’re gonna stack all those dollar bills am saving you.’

[Mike moves into background consisting of the man-bear, who reveals an American flag and who holds stacks of dollars.]

Mike: ‘We’re and the party, is on.’

[Cuts to music “Karate” by Kennedy (real funky) …And Mike blowing money around with a leaf blower.]

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