Building The Core of Fintech by Putting Developers First | Bryan McCarty – Moov

Building The Core of Fintech by Putting Developers First | Bryan McCarty – Moov

In this episode of The Fintech Files, I’m delighted to speak to Bryan McCarty director of marketing at Moov

And we are going to investigate what it’s like to be at the core of fintech and to head the marketing there.

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Moov makes it easy for developers, platforms, and marketplaces to accept, manage, and distribute money. In December 2020 Moov has raised $27 million in a Series A funding round led by venture firm a16z.


00:00 What is Moov and how did Bryan get involved 

02:52 How Moov makes it easy for developers to accept store and disperse money

08:00 What Moov is building: the technology behind the scenes

10:16 Moov’s Slack channel and building a community of developers

13:00 How Bryan approaches B2B marketing

15:30 Importance of positioning and collaboration with sales

17:00 Starting from scratch with content

19:10 Bryan’s background – what brought him to Moov

20:42 Treating marketing like a product 

22:00 On marketing to developers

26:20 Bryan’s advice on getting started with marketing

29:42 Bryan’s hobbies: running & singer in a punk band (Wade Arnold’d is BMX)



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