Alternative Data: The Last Informational Advantage? | Mark Fleming-Williams – Exabel

Alternative Data: The Last Informational Advantage? | Mark Fleming-Williams – Exabel

In this episode of The Fintech Files, we are exploring the alternative data universe with Mark communications director of Exabel, and host of the alternative data podcast.

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In this episode

00:00 What is Alternative Data?

04:49 Types of Alternative Data

09:23 How hedge funds use Alternative Data

11:50 Alternative Data and ESG

14:16 Marks’ background and how podcasting helped him land his ideal job

17:00 How Exabel allows investors to gain access to alternative data

19:20 How portfolio managers use Exabel

21:10 Talking about Alternative Data in Billions from Showtime

27:00 From data to decision making tools and visualisation

30:00 Final words and where to find Mark



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