Algorithmic Trading Deep Dive: Transparency, Control and Best Execution | Joe Wald – BMO Capital Markets

Algorithmic Trading Deep Dive: Transparency, Control and Best Execution | Joe Wald – BMO Capital Markets

In this episode of The Fintech Files, I am talking to Joe Wald, serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur. He is Managing Director at BMO Capital Markets, which he joined following the acquisition of Clearpool where he was CEO.

We are exploring the world of algorithmic trading for institutional investors.


00:00 An introduction to Algorithmic Trading

02:54 Evolution of the market structure and fragmentation

05:05 Joe Wald’s background and career as a serial entrepreneur

06:44 What type of clients are using BMO Capital Markets electronic trading services and how

10:25 Lessons from Clearpool and BMO for synergies between banks and fintechs

13:30 What Best Execution really means

14:55 How BMO CM electronic trading could solve the (fictional) liquidity issues at Axe Capital from the Billions series

17:46 The technology – behind the scenes at Clearpool/BMO

20:55 Marketing: a collaborative approach with customers is key 

23:30 Joe’s advice for Fintech founders

ABOUT BMO Capital Markets

BMO Capital Markets is a leading, full-service North American financial services provider operating in 16 North American offices and 29 worldwide, offering corporate, institutional and government clients access to a complete range of investment and corporate banking products and services.

In April 2020 it completed the acquisition of Clearpool Group.

Clearpool was founded in 2014 and provides primarily US-based broker-dealers with trading technology and agency execution services, with its flagship algorithmic trading management system designed to help clients meet best execution requirements. 



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