10 YouTube Marketing Tips for Filmmakers

On Friday 26th September 2014, Orama.tv orchestrated a joint event with Raindance for Social Media Week: YouTube Marketing for Filmmakers and Content Creators. Elisar Cabrera animated the panel discussion between the experts we had gathered to shed more light on some important questions for filmmakers using YouTube.
The panel consisted of:

  • Elisar Cabrera (host), Raindance WebFest
  • Rochelle Dancel, Bats in Belfries
  • James Marks, ScreenageRenegade
  • Brett Snelgrove, BuzzMyVideos
  • George Aliferis, Orama.tv

Youtube Marketing Tips for Filmmakers

      1. It is important to have a niche audience in mind when creating content. Having a target audience focuses your work.
      2. Understand what drives your audience and serve them what they want. Once you have already built your own community, you may be able to talk more about your message.
      3. Engage directly with your audience and get them to participate in what you do. Don’t just wait to be found.
      4. Do not rule out “old school” mailing lists and your own website to promote yourself and your content.
      5. When you upload videos to YouTube, pick a title that engages people. If you run a webseries and you want to include information such as the episode number, push that to the end of your title.
      6. The first 15 seconds of a video decide whether people will keep watching your video or not. Do not waste time with a long title sequence.
      7. The real success lies in whether people share and keep coming back to your channel and content.
      8. People are 40% more likely to visit a corporate website immediately after watching a video of that brand.
      9. Spend your money first on creating more content but also on marketing.
      10. Build your craft. You are a creative. Don’t bash your head because you are focused only on money and success from Day 1 onwards, it takes time.

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