The top visual content from the financial industry – June 2018

Financial services have traditionally approached content from a strictly business point of view, mainly with reports, research, analysis and other written documents. Yet, visual and social content is taking an increasingly important role. Here are the videos, images and infographics that made our list of the most inspiring, beautiful and impactful, visual content from the financial industry.

Investing for humans — Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple offers a refreshing break from traditional financial advice. The startup is pioneering new methods of financial communication with simple, personal stories, beautifully executed. This content allows them to leverage Instagram where other financial firms are quasi-absent.

 Principles of Success — Ray Dalio

The founder of Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund has launched a new video series. It follows an earlier animated film about “How the economic machine works”, which has already been seen by over 7 million.
“Principles for Success” is a free, 30-min long educational piece, separated in 8 episodes.

Borderless account campaign — Transferwise

Transferwise, a new breed of foreign exchange and money transfer company, launched a new campaign on social media promotes its new account. They published the video below alongside a series of posts with human-centric and uplifting content.

The Warren Buffett Empire — Visual Capitalist

The Visual Capitalistdisplays an incredible wealth of infographics and data visualisations. One of their latest posts is a stunning snapshot of Bershire Hattaway, Warren Buffett’s “Empire”.
berkshire hattaway infographics

Trade wars explained – Vox Media

Vox Media and their Explainer Studio have made a speciality of explaining complex issues in simple and visual terms. Here is their take on trade wars with a little help from Game of Thrones.

Hopefully this list of visual content from the financial industry will help shake off its reputation for traditional, product-centric (and often boring?) content. Financial issues can be addressed visually, they just require the formats to evolve. For more inspiration check out the related article “How professional services can thrive with social video“.