A video strategy in 80 seconds

Who needs a video strategy?

At Orama, the conversation about a brand’s video strategy often begins with this question that we have been asked by many marketers:

“Should we use YouTube or Vimeo?”

The answer is of course “It depends” and there are other platforms to consider. Your content should be adapted to the platform or social media where it is posted, so your video strategy could benefit with starting with that technical element rather than leaving it as an afterthought. The alternative is much wider than Youtube or Vimeo and the destination where the video will be hosted should be part of your brief. Since different video or social platforms have specific features you should consider more than one.

Rule of thumb for a video strategy in 2016: a multi-platform approach

Since all social media have now embraced native video, a simple rule is to try to post video natively (i.e. to upload directly on the social media of your choice). You should consider a multi-platform strategy using the full spectrum of opportunities offered by social video. awareness appreciation action in video strategy

Where and what you post depends greatly on the impact you want to have. By using the simplified IAB framework of Awareness, Appreciation / Advocacy, Action you can fit each platform to a given objective.

A video strategy in 80 seconds

For a head start with your video strategy watch the video below:

About this video:

  • We posted this on Wistia because it is a technical subject that may lead to Action for people who are already interested in our services 
  • We created it with a budget of $20 using the free version of Powtoon and Fiverr for the voice-over
  • It took about 3 hours to make once we had a script

More on video strategy

If you are taking your video content seriously and would like us to help check our consulting and video marketing services. We also have a free YouTube audit that you can use to check your channel is working properly.