’23 Michelin Stars in 60 seconds’ – YouTube Gastronomy

Gastronomic films are at the heart of Orama’s DNA.

The launch of a YouTube Channel: The Plate

We have created over 500 videos that have engaged over 7 million viewers for our clients.

Our market leading gastronomy showreel demonstrating #FOODART at its best, was shared by thousands globally and covered repeatedly by leading International press.

The video showcased the bespoke Orama methodology which we described in a ReelSEO article about Restaurant Marketing.

  • Content & Visuals targeted to your audience
  • Format & Story
  • Video Optimisation


Appetizing Video Content

Given our broad filming repertoire, we decided to use existing footage from the filming of over 36 Michelin Starred Chefs around the globe.

As growing experts within the food industry, we developed a clear understanding of what would draw in an audience of foodies: cooking and the assembly of finished dishes. Famous chefs and restaurants are desirable but if the food doesn’t look sumptuous, then no name will tempt them.

For us, the visuals would be the main catalyst and our audience reacted strongly to what the press described as “Food Porn at it’s best”.
Watch a video that condenses 23 Michelin stars in 60 seconds

A complete story in ’60 seconds’

Our analysis demonstrated that foodies would respond best to content that was 10% restaurants, 15% chefs and the remainder cooking and food images.

We called it ’23 Michelin stars in 60 seconds’, just enough to signpost who it was aimed at and to encapsulate the whole story. And ‘Food Glorious Food’ from Oliver as a theme song fit perfectly.


Optimising effectively means you have more chance of the right people finding and engaging with you. We do that as part of the start-to-finish service for our clients. In our video we made sure that we ticked all the boxes so that foodies around the world could find it. And they did!
Below is a record of the video’s performance just one month after launch.

The results

60 secondes, 23 étoiles Michelin, une vidéo

PR and Social Media Exposure

  • Featured in various newspapers, including Le Monde
  • Most popular post in April on the Facebook page of FOUR – the word’s best food magazine.
  • Eater.com described it as a “Whirlwind Look at Michelin-Starred Restaurants”
  • It was tweeted and retweeted over 200 times, including by the Michelin Guide

Key Figures

    • 19,000 views in a month mainly from the US, UK, Germany and Holland
    • 160 subscribers: we are particularly proud of this at is the strongest form of engagement and increases with the number of videos (we only have one).


  • 79% of the video is watched: people get hooked thanks to the strong start and fast pace
  • Traffic to our website Orama.tv increased by 110%

Most of all it reaffirmed to us that within the uber competitive world of YouTube it is possible to produce world class video content with the power to reach a global audience. Our high success rate, showcased the reliability of a structured approach to creativity balanced with a reasonable budget.

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