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An interactive video city guide: Brighton

We are looking for the stars of our Video City Guide of Brighton

Orama is developing an interactive video city guide integrating all the possibilities offered by the latest social and interactive video technology. We believe a city guide should be image rich, digital and interactive.
We want to hear from you! If you know or represent a Brighton business that displays amazing craftsmanship and products:


Brighton’s shopping, cultural and gastronomical interest make it an ideal location to create a pilot and we are very familiar with the city, having already already filmed some of its favourite restaurants, such as The Chilli Pickle, Terre a Terre or The Urchin:

How it works

There are no costs involved, but we will need a bit of your time on the shoot. You may be asked for a short interview for example.

We really love filming artisans in their field and people who are passionate about their process and product.

All entries will be taken into consideration and contacted before the final choice is confirmed. For any questions or comments, please get in touch.


Maître Choux: spreading the deliciousness with a multi-platform strategy

Maître Choux is a pastry concept store, led by Michelin starred trained chef Joakim Prat, specializing in just one thing: making choux and éclair pastry.
Having spent a morning filming Maître Choux, Orama devised a multi-platform creation and distribution strategy, which to date delivered an organic reach of over 100,000.

On Youtube the content is on top of search engine results and generates 200 monthly views organically, but it is the reach from other social platforms that has been the most significant.


Reach: over 40,000. Positive engagement: over 1,000
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Reach: over 55,000 loops. Positive engagement: over 700


Reach: over 7,500. Positive engagement: over 100
Shared by 44 including the UK Pastry World Cup and The Bocuse d’Or

What are your plans for the weekend? Brighten up your day with the creations of Chef Joakim Prat a member of Team UK – Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie – Pastry World CupVideo by Orama

Posted by Bocuse d’Or UK on Saturday, December 5, 2015

What are the costs of creating a similar campaign

One of the main advantages of this multi-platform approach is that it spreads out the cost of a video production and allows to get multiple pieces of content from one shoot, making it a lot more affordable than the traditional model.
To get a quick estimate of the cost of creating a similar campaign, use this form.