Nespresso at The Square

Nespresso is the leading brand of home brewing espresso machines.

Its ambition is to be positioned as the coffee of choice for top chefs and to increase the awareness of a targeted audience of chefs and restaurateurs.
Orama filmed prominent chefs including Michelin starred celebrity chef Phil Howard, who used Nespresso to create recipes that would engage audiences; recipes that were also unique to the video.
On The Staff Canteen YouTube channel titles and thumbnails interacted to clearly brand the films as Nespresso, while the genuine content presented the brand in a non-intrusive way.

To enhance the brand experience, all videos for Nespresso followed a similar format while the use of annotation made it possible for the audience to watch the complete series without having to search. To maximise watch time, the key shot of the final dish appears in both the thumbnails and at the finale of each video.


  • 30,000 views or 70 days of watch time
  • An offline tool for culinary exhibition
  • Positioning Nespresso as the Michelin Star coffee