In 2000 there were 100 million students in tertiary education worldwide.

By 2025 this number is expected to reach 263 million (UNESCO).

This global market is open to online learning powered by video.

eLearning Orama

With hundreds of eLearning videos in our portfolio, Orama can tailor learning content to your brief and objectives.

Our creative and production crew continually develop new techniques to create inspiring learning experiences, improve engagement and reduce cognitive load.

Rate Card & Packages

For lectures recording, simple e-learning projects or to hire a crew we have put together a rate card and packages for fully transparent pricing that will allow you to budget for your next shoot or your whole module.


Smart and Scalable Solutions

Whether you are looking to build a complete curriculum requiring hundreds of lectures or to present a single conference or event, we will deliver a refined edit for a demanding global audience.

Our customizable eLearning packages allow you to maximize effectiveness while controlling costs.

Technology Enabled Distribution

Whether it’s on Youtube, or through a custom learning system we tailor the content to its platform. Using the full interactive possibilities offered by online video and the tools to integrate it into blended learning packages, we aim to deliver the maximum educational value from every piece of content produced.

Broad Horizons

Our international community of local camera-operators, sound engineers and editors films training content around the world, adapting to your own locations or to a documentary-style shoot.

With Orama, your eLearning video capabilities can be as global as your audience.

Creative Thinking for eLearning

In the fast-moving landscape of eLearning video, Orama monitors quantitative and qualitative trends of content from creators, businesses and universities from around the world. This nurtures our own fresh and original ideas for different learning platforms, going beyond the traditional lecture.