The top visual content from the financial industry – June 2018

Financial services have traditionally approached content from a strictly business point of view, mainly with reports, research, analysis and other written documents. Yet, visual and social content is taking an increasingly important role. Here are the videos, images and infographics that made our list of the most inspiring, beautiful and impactful, visual content from the financial industry.

Investing for humans — Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple offers a refreshing break from traditional financial advice. The startup is pioneering new methods of financial communication with simple, personal stories, beautifully executed. This content allows them to leverage Instagram where other financial firms are quasi-absent.

 Principles of Success — Ray Dalio

The founder of Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund has launched a new video series. It follows an earlier animated film about “How the economic machine works”, which has already been seen by over 7 million.
“Principles for Success” is a free, 30-min long educational piece, separated in 8 episodes.

Borderless account campaign — Transferwise

Transferwise, a new breed of foreign exchange and money transfer company, launched a new campaign on social media promotes its new account. They published the video below alongside a series of posts with human-centric and uplifting content.

The Warren Buffett Empire — Visual Capitalist

The Visual Capitalistdisplays an incredible wealth of infographics and data visualisations. One of their latest posts is a stunning snapshot of Bershire Hattaway, Warren Buffett’s “Empire”.
berkshire hattaway infographics

Trade wars explained – Vox Media

Vox Media and their Explainer Studio have made a speciality of explaining complex issues in simple and visual terms. Here is their take on trade wars with a little help from Game of Thrones.

Hopefully this list of visual content from the financial industry will help shake off its reputation for traditional, product-centric (and often boring?) content. Financial issues can be addressed visually, they just require the formats to evolve. For more inspiration check out the related article “How professional services can thrive with social video“.

5 types of videos that perform better than talking heads for financial marketers

Financial marketers have embraced videos and the leading brands have YouTube channels where they post regular content. Invariably these videos are either interviews, with two people on screen, or a single narrator, where we see the answer to a question in the video title. Both can be classified as talking heads. The issue for financial marketers is twofold. They tend to look all the same. As viewers now consume so much video online they are expecting something a lot more eye-catching and differentiated than what they see on TV.
If you think it is hard to make financial content engaging, here are 5 examples that show financial marketers how it can be presented differently.

The YouTuber Vlog

The most common style for YouTubers also works well to explain financial and economic issues. Here is an example on the Korean economy from VisualPolitik. Unlike traditional “talking heads” the narrator is looking at and talking to the viewer.

The Video Essay

A very popular style that uses exclusively voice-over and footage.


Ray Dalio, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund likes to use animation. He recently published a series on “Principles of success”. A few years ago he had published “How the economic machine works” which has been watched by millions.

What are your thoughts

Although it involves two talking heads this variations feels very different and it shows that there is no need for great production resources to make the video content more engaging.

The video is by Ritholtz Wealth Management, which is a model of content marketing.

The ‘blend’

Vox Media has become specialized in what they call “explainers”. It is similar to the video essay, that also blends in animation and interview (as you can see at 2:20) in the video below.

What is the lesson for financial marketers

Video is a very powerful medium, but it is also one that is expected to be entertaining. Even if your content is very serious, it is worth exploring non-traditional ways of filming and editing it. If you can develop your own style and publish a regular series you will see much stronger organic results, including views and engagement. Something that traditional financial videos ordinary lack.

If you want more inspiration from top financial content marketing, check this free report on the content strategies of the most successful financial firms on the web.

From hedge fund king to video king: Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio: hedge fund manager and viral video maker

Bridgewater Associates, is the world’s largest hedge fund with $160bn AUM.
Ray Dalio is its founder, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Chairman as well as a philanthropist and author.

In 2014, Ray Dialo published “How the Economic Machine Works” (2014). This 31 minute animated video boasts over 7 million views, in various languages.

Dalio is at it again in 2018, this time with a series on “Principles of Success”.

Principles of success: state of the art video execution and distribution

The content is educational, directly inspired by Dalio’s thought leadership and wrapped in short stories forming the episodes of the series.

The format of the animated video is described as an “ultra-mini series adventure” available individually.

The whole series is also available as a 28-minute film.

The release of the episodes exhibited careful campaign planning across platforms. It leveraged the personal following of Dalio and powerful advocates as diverse as P. Diddy or Tony Robbins.
The episodes were staggered across seven days and published at the same time across Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook where they have their own “Show”.

It is unlikely that this type of content marketing for hedge funds becomes the norm, yet Dalio’s success could tempt others in this secretive industry to share their knowledge with a greater audience.

Do you want more inspiration about content marketing for the financial industry? Check this free report on the content strategies of the most successful financial firms on the web.