An interview with Carissa Wyten, Creative Director at Orama

Carissa Wyten, Creative Director at Orama

Carissa who acts as creative director and stylist at Orama, was recently interviewed by the lovely folks from Emballage, a luxury gifting destination, for their “Muse” series on inspiring business women.
Carissa talks about life, family, and running an international business from home.
Muse Carissa Wyten

An interactive video city guide: Brighton

We are looking for the stars of our Video City Guide of Brighton

Orama is developing an interactive video city guide integrating all the possibilities offered by the latest social and interactive video technology. We believe a city guide should be image rich, digital and interactive.
We want to hear from you! If you know or represent a Brighton business that displays amazing craftsmanship and products:


Brighton’s shopping, cultural and gastronomical interest make it an ideal location to create a pilot and we are very familiar with the city, having already already filmed some of its favourite restaurants, such as The Chilli Pickle, Terre a Terre or The Urchin:

How it works

There are no costs involved, but we will need a bit of your time on the shoot. You may be asked for a short interview for example.

We really love filming artisans in their field and people who are passionate about their process and product.

All entries will be taken into consideration and contacted before the final choice is confirmed. For any questions or comments, please get in touch.


Top video formats for city guides

We have been researching the web for the best videos that could be used to build an interactive city guide and here are some of our top picks.

Urban List’s Top 10

We love the use of animation and the punchy music
Urban List Video

Bondi Harvest: Day Tripper

Guy Turland is the ultimate food and lifestyle presenter, doing a bit of BBQ between two surf sessions.

Tastemade: Day of Gluttony

Tastemade have many formats involving exploring a city via its food. The concept of Day of Gluttony is simple: 24 restaurants tested in 24 hours in one city!
24 Toronto Restaurants in 24 Hours

Vienna: Interactive City guide

This is a brilliant idea from the city of Vienna, the YouTube video embed below is pretty cool but for a true unique interactive experience visit the site, pick your presenter or click to get more information on each place visited.

Proper interactive videos by Unique Guides

Full use of interactive feature allow you to jump from place to place or get more information without interrupting your viewing.
Unique video guide

Video Path: Berlin

If the video itself is not that exciting it is a great showcase for Video Path’s interactive features.

Joel Dale: Prague is beautiful

Although not really a guide, our friend’s Joel’s use of movement and cinematic effect provides a deeply enjoyable and immersive experience.

Lonely Planet’s Visual Portraits

No words needed for this city visit!