Live streaming in Brighton with SEMrush during BrightonSEO

On 22 April we were live streaming in Brighton for SEMrush, a leading company for marketing data.
We had an amazing day at their stand where we filmed some of the leading thinkers in the filed of SEO and streamed it live on SEMrush YouTube channel

Live streaming in Brighton

As many of us at Orama are based in Brighton it is easier to organise recces and logistics before the streaming. It is also a gorgeous city full of amazing artisans which we have featured many times on “The Plate” our Social platform and YouTube channel.

BrightonSEO highlights and social videos

Orama is a partner of BrightonSEO for which we will create a series of web video content that will feed their social media and keep their audience on their toes between each big event.
Here is a first highlight video produced by Orama on the day of the event.

BrightonSEO highlights – same day edit

We will be working with BrightonSEO and their community partners to share more content.

If you are interested in reading further about how to stream live from YouTube we have put together a handy guide.

The Plate: a gastronomic channel

the plate by orama

Orama’s gastronomic channel across social media

An interview with Carissa Wyten, Creative Director at Orama

Carissa Wyten, Creative Director at Orama

Carissa who acts as creative director and stylist at Orama, was recently interviewed by the lovely folks from Emballage, a luxury gifting destination, for their “Muse” series on inspiring business women.
Carissa talks about life, family, and running an international business from home.
Muse Carissa Wyten