The Art of Food: Social Media Week Event Recap

On Tuesday 23rd September at 8:30am, we gathered 60 food industry professionals for breakfast at The Hub Westminster to listen to a panel discussion with six exceptional food thought leaders who were asked various questions around one theme:
How can the food industry and consumers benefit from the trend of sharing food online?



  • #FoodArt or #FoodPorn: A New Trend?
  • The RISE of the Food Photographer
  • New Technologies & New Behaviour
  • Marketing Impact: Food Sharing
  • Moving Images: Food on Film
  • A Positive Social Impact

Panelists and quotes

Andreas Antona – Michelin star chef & restaurateur
chef andreas antona
“Chefs need to pick up on video marketing – you cannot stay behind. You need to get your message out there – no one is coming to you for it”
John Quilter – founder of CruKafe & LondonLive, Jamie’s FoodTube
John Quilter food
“#FoodPorn has become cater-tainment. It is about growing an audience: stay genuine and collaborate with others”
Karen Fewell – founder of Digital Blonde & writer on #Foodporn
“There are 36 million images under #FoodPorn on instagram alone. 86% of chefs like their customers posting food”
Oli Ingham – Head of Marketing at Wahacaoli ingham wahaca“Twitter allows immediate feedback from customers to correct any issues. Technology can also improve the restaurant experience”
Caroline Kenyon – Director & Founder, Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year
caroline kenyon food photography
“Things can turn nasty in cyberspace – withstand criticism and manage your brands reputation well. Turn to storytelling”
Elodie Bretz – Brand Manager, Rollover (over 3 million hotdogs sold this year)
elodie brest rollover
“Social media is about finding your fans and targeting them, they can all become brand ambassadors and support your brand”

Read about the event.

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